Ilias International Corporation gives its clients the full ability to implement their projects by providing them with all types of heavy equipment required to complete the project. We have a fleet of diverse and multi-tasking heavy equipment to implement all projects and constructions with comfort and ease so clients can forget any difficulties or obstacles they might face.

Security Enhancement Solutions

Regardless of the type of buildings or offices Ilias Int provides Total Security Enhancement with fulfilling high confidentiality standards. This service includes:

  • Hisco Barriers
  • Floors& Ceilings
  • Doors& Safe Rooms
  • Partitions
  • Fire Protection
Commercial Services:




Goods Supplies &Procurement

Travel and Tourism

Ilias Int provides clients with a tourist experience that is the finest and get them to their preferred destination wherever it is. We facilitate customer trips and ensure their satisfaction with the best travel and tourism experience through:

  • Reservation of airline tickets with ground transportation service
  • Tours programs
  • Hotels reservations
  • Issuing of visas
Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing and operating responsibly plays an important role in promoting Ilias Int values and contributes to the sustainable development of communities, so we are committed to promoting responsible business practices and respect all applicable laws and international standards, to operate transparently and in consultation with host governments and local communities, and to conduct their activities in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Ilias Int raises awareness among its employees on the environment and energy saving, and designed and launched awareness campaigns, educational programs and group awareness initiatives as part of the Ilias Int Corporate Social Responsibility actions. In addition, we promote knowledge on sustainable development, and contributing to vulnerable groups and donates for providing free medicine and combating poverty, malnutrition and homelessness.